To my Daugther: Being a teenager is …

Uncomfortable (many things are banned) Very exiting, you learn many things about yourself and others. Amazing (it lasts only few years and we will miss these years in future) Great, because young years are given only once Interesting, because you understand who you are Being a teenager is fun because you can get certain freedoms like going home later, hanging out more with my friends, be allowed to watch more mature movies, etc.
Being a teenager is exciting because there are so many opportunities. There are so many things that you can do and then things that you can’t do that you can still try to do. Also, there are many things that you have to look forward to. Also, there are so many words you can make up like “shebeen”, “kudos” and “o, Snapple”. By Chris Warring (U)
Being a teenager is strange. I think that teenage years are the most stressful years of our lives (not if you have my brother as a son though) because we have to deal with peer pressure. By Jessica Hoy (U)
Being a teenager today is not as easy as it seems. Everyday we face decisions that can affect our future. Sometimes we are driven by our emotions and the pressure to be accepted, but it is extremely important to realize that decision we make reflect our values and the things that are important to us.
As we go through our teenager years, we realize that the mistakes we make are necessary to learn and improve ourselves, but without guidance from people who love us, we could never stand up again and move forward. In a few years, no one will care if we had the coolest wardrobe or the best car, but they will remember whether or not we had the courage to stand up to our beliefs and be the better person. By Mariana Santos(M)
Being a teenager is a time that is very frustrating. You are now old enough to argue with your parents; your parents always think that you are wrong. They won’t let you express your opinion because it is known as “talking back”!AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Ashley Clark (U)
Being a teenager is, well I don’t really know how to describe it. It seems a little different; but also it feels like nothing really new, just another normal day for me. Yes, it did feel like I’m a little smarter and a little older, but it isn’t really that big of a change. What I’ve noticed in others, is that they are more interested in like having a boyfriend/girlfriend type of life, but that’s about it. By Katie Cersley (U)
Being a teenager is really cool because you have a lot of freedoms like going late to parties, going with your friends to cool places and doing fun stuff. You can also decide what to do with your life, and decide what profession you are going to study. I think that this age is really great, and it is also short, so you should take advantage of it and make the best of it.Rodrigo Chapa (M)
It is the beginning of many changes, Something that a friend told me years ago is that punks in England took clothes from previous youth cultures, reassembled them with safety pins and made something new. That image was really evocative to me. Because while Teenage is about the past in a way I confront myself with new generations, really my aim is to reflect on the present – to understand how conflicts between generations endure – and to show that we should have a very optimistic attitude towards youth today. It’s time we start giving adolescents a bit more respect. Not in terms of being consumers, but in terms of being human beings who will be living in the future, and so might have some ideas about how they want the world to be. YOUR DAD……..

Author: Carlitos Way BLOG

El tiempo... Traicionero amigo... Quizás nos permite ver todo más claro, tal vez nos permita calmarnos un poco y seguramente también hará que perdamos la oportunidad y lo perdamos todo...

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