17 Truths Of Life Explained Perfectly By Charlie Chaplin

Born in England on April 16th 1889, Charles Spencer Chaplin hailed from a family of artists. Taking up the job of spreading happiness at a tender age of about 12, Chaplin grew up to become one of the most celebrated figures in the film industry.

However, behind that splendid career spanning for about 75 years lied many traumatizing life struggles. Undeterred (yet most times, broken inside), he kept a hilarious front that garnered him immense fame worldwide and also, immense wisdom.

It requires sheer courage to be able to spread laughter while keeping personal problems buried deep inside and no one but comedians understand this truth very well. And for Charlie Chaplin, it was a tough personal ride, which each time he came in front of the camera, he converted it into a joke for the audience to smile.

Below listed are some of the blatant truths of life from the man himself.


Author: Carlitos Way BLOG

El tiempo... Traicionero amigo... Quizás nos permite ver todo más claro, tal vez nos permita calmarnos un poco y seguramente también hará que perdamos la oportunidad y lo perdamos todo...

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