The world is in a deep crisis because we have no education for the development of consciousness. Education should lead change, but our concept is obsolete and fossilized.
We were taught to speak, read, write, we were taught algebra and who teaches us that being happy is important for life? One has to love his inner child. Traditional education does not help to love, but to suppress and sick. Do not educate for wisdom or understanding, are trained to pass tests to pass test. That is the terrible loss of life and time and theft they do to people in their lives.
We are not raised to be happy. If the price of the unhappiness that is being created in the course of our lives is calculated, we will see how uneconomical our education is.
In almost all the education we received at school and home, there is a despotic element: education is used to tame. We should use education to form whole beings. We were taught to speak, read, write, we were taught algebra and who teaches us that being happy is important for life?
Real things are learned for the love of learning, love for truth, and desire to know. No requirement for good grades, social acceptance, or consumerism.
Begin by stimulating within. Teaching with a loving attitude. Stop being exploiters disguised of exemplary parents or good teachers. We have made education a tool to become stupefied factors, adaptive production to what society wants, our families, our parents, our spouses.
As Mozart said: Not a high degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. “Honey, this is the soul of genius.”
Education should be geared to handle not only knowledge of the external, but also internal so we should not frustrate our children and leave this absurd idea that “the rod and spoil the child” .The education is subject to rationalist paradigm. It is for this reason that people do not know what they feel or why they feel. When it is said that education is to teach reading and writing are confusing the means with the end.
The purpose of education should be the development of people and their mind. Learn not only books, but learn from the living forces. There are no certainties to sell or dogmas. We must awaken to the inner search. What is important is the way, the process of consciousness.
The goal should be to get people to become what we are, without education, dogmas, fears, taboos, imposes a way of being. The problem is there: are educated to make producers, workers, consumers, and no attention is paid to educate for life.


Author: Carlitos Way BLOG

El tiempo... Traicionero amigo... Quizás nos permite ver todo más claro, tal vez nos permita calmarnos un poco y seguramente también hará que perdamos la oportunidad y lo perdamos todo...

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