Carolina turns 13


Dear Daughter:
It seems like yesterday when you showed up in this world. And from that day everything changed, forever.
Today I look at you with much astonishment. You are no longer that tiny, naughty little girl. You’ve become quite a woman, which means I enjoy your presence twice in my life. And not just to play together. But to talk, to work, and being together on this trip, called life.
Today I want to tell you that not long ago, I was a teenager like you, and I wish someone would speak from his own experience, which would mean in my life, this important stage. And it’s not just a phase. It is a time of change, yes ….. Physical, Mental … Hormonal.
Adolescence is a “time” fundamental in life, in which we adopt traits that will condition our life then, and that’s why I want you to realize that the outcome depends on how you face this stage, and you accept yourself the way you are.
Live this season, is beautiful, is yours, it is a gift from God.
The first thing you are looking for “being different”, different from all you seem “failures” (including some adults and people who think like you).
Being different is fine! It will help you discover who you are and what you want….. Not to mention you’ll have struggles, battles, failures, disappointments, many joys, friendships and love of life.
I know you want to be heard, but you also need to “listen” …. Listen to me and try to understand, my positions, and I will try to understand yours…. explain to me calmly, and it will be easier.
Take a look inside, and from that respects the wisdom of elders, translate them to your language, and place them at this time, check your ideals and try to live them, so you know who you are and what you can achieve. I know you are looking for your identity!
Write down your goals, take them to practice, get help, get reviews, get away from what separate you from what is good and appropriate, and do not forget about your future.

Be strong and determined, and do not look back, especially if you move forward, if you have won a battle, if you’ve reached a goal and move on. You’ll see that come out stronger retrace the steps …… and if you do not like where you are …. stop, and starts correcting!
Trust yourself and who you really love.
Often ask yourself if you trust yourself, … if you know where you’re going … If you see something wrong with you, do not panic, do not give up, make corrections, changes course to different a goal, readdress your efforts to a happy goal ” …. Check your ideals and if they are consistent … you are doing good….
Remember, never go alone, God is always by your side ….. ask him to show you the way, talk a lot with him, no one loves you more than he.
It is important to know whether you are integrated, this happens when you interact quiet and freely with others…. because you found out who you are and “You like you”.
Never betray yourself. Be sure to be yourself-
I ask you have many friends …. but do not forget to be your friend first ….. Learn to live, and accept others, and do not forget you. Respect others….. and demands to be respected.
Never give up your dreams throughout life. Remember that if you want something with all your strength and you put your will to achieve it, the universe will be to your advantage to make it.
Human values, nobility, dignity, humility and heart open to love, those are the riches of a man that lead to wisdom. Material possessions are ephemeral.
Always remember that every shot that life gives is a learning process. The pains and joys pass, sometimes very fast, sometimes not…. but everything happens. This new way to start this tour will be full of thorns, but also of immense happiness. You are ready to walk this long road called life.
Doubt is necessary, the hope is relief. My unconditional love will help you cross it. You are my greatest treasure; I wish you success and happiness … especially peace.
I ask God to guide and accompany you always. You gave me joys and rewards, so I’m so proud of you.
Thanks for being such a great daughter and a beautiful person. I apologize for my mistakes if they hurt you. Thank you for teaching me so much.
Have a beautiful and serene flight, is my great desire. I love you

Your Dad.


Author: Carlitos Way BLOG

El tiempo... Traicionero amigo... Quizás nos permite ver todo más claro, tal vez nos permita calmarnos un poco y seguramente también hará que perdamos la oportunidad y lo perdamos todo...

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