Summer Writing Assignment ( by Carolina Perdomo )

Compartir alegrias con los amigos es tambien importante. Nos pasamos el tiempo quejandonos y lamentandonos de las cosas que nos pasan y no entendemos. Y al mismo tiempo estan sucediendo eventos que ignoramos, por estar empesinados en descifrar los hechos que las vida nos da como regalo, aun cuando estos no sean del todo placenteros. Hay que estar bien atentos, para no perdernos la belleza que nos trae cada dia.
Escribo, comento y me enorgullesco mucho de mi hija. Ella se ha convertido en algo vital y su precencia en mi vida me ha dado un sentido de optimismo y frescura indescriptible.
La siguiente nota es un projecto de “ writing “ que debe presentar en su escuela. Fue todo escrito por ella. Demas esta decir, lo que senti al leerlo:

Carolina Perdomo
Summer Writing Assignment
“If you had the choice to do something memorable for someone, what would it be and what may the results or outcomes be for that person”
In life there are many people who help you become the person you are today. And sometimes you just think to yourself how you can do something nice for them in some sort of way. If I had a choice to do something memorable for someone it would probably my Dad. And you may ask why my Dad, but he is the most reliable, funny, joyful, special, vibrant, and unique person I ever met and without him my life would be empty. He makes the girl I am today.
In 1994 my parents came to the United States from Cuba looking for liberty and that’s just what they found. They bought a house and started living like a normal family. But 8 months later my dad’s father called him from Cuba saying that his mom passed away. My dad was very depressed. He loved his mom very much and he felt kind of guilty because he wasn’t their when she passed away. But my dad taught to him and knowing she was now in peace made him feel much safer and happier.
In Cuba my dad studied law and became an attorney because his mom used to be an attorney so he wanted to be like her. When my dad’s mom passed away he remembered that she loved children. In Cuba she would go to the park and read the toddlers stories from when she was a child. So here in America my dad studies social services for children who have been victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Since his mom loved children he figured he wanted to be a part of her life and help children be in a safer home with people who love them.


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